Dry Needling

Did You Know That…Choice Therapy offers Dry Needling services?

What is dry needling?

The dry needling technique is used to stimulate trigger points and muscular and connective tissues to decrease pain and improve range of motion. It uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate through the skin and into these trigger points and tissues.

What are the benefits of dry needling?

Dry needling can help to decrease myfascial pain and tension, improve range of motion, increase blood flow, and restore function.

What conditions can dry needling treat?

Dry needling can treat a wide variety of orthopedic issues by reducing pain and increasing mobility. Common areas of treatment include calves, shoulders, lower backs, arms, and neck.

Is dry needling painful?

The response to dry needling varies from person to person. Most do not feel the actual insertion of the needle. Once the needle hits a trigger point, a temporary twitching or cramping sensation can occur, followed by the relaxation of the muscle.

What can I expect after having dry needling done?

Soreness may be experienced for 24 – 48 hours after a treatment session, along with occasional bruising at the treatment site. Movement and drinking lots of water after treatment is encouraged.

Who can perform dry needling?

Not all physical therapist are certified to perform dry needling, but we are very fortunate to have Brady Miller, PT, certified in the technique. He is accepting patients now!