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Emotional Regulation


Children with autism, down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, and ADD/ADHD often have difficulty regulating their own emotional states. Transition periods and changes in routine throughout the day can be very difficult and lead to emotional meltdowns if there are no strategies to deal with these times; the SCERTS model helps our occupational therapists by providing strategies for emotional regulation.

Understanding what treatment is best for your child can be overwhelming. As time has passed, we have begun to understand autism better and the research is backing up what we have known clinically for some time.

There are a lot of different treatment names that you may have run into as a parent while researching the best plan for your child. Many of the available treatments can be used together to focus on your child’s unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. Request an appointment or free screening so they can meet with one of our northern Minnesota occupational therapists.

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