Physical Therapy Helped Me Walk Pain Free

Occupational Therapy Experts

Quick First Appointment

“At Choice Therapy, once my military insurance was accepted, I was able to get in quicker for my first appointment than any other therapy place in town”

Rehab Needs Met Quickly

“My therapist, Andrea, was able to so quickly & efficiently meet my rehab needs, that we were able to cancel my last few scheduled visits as I recovered faster than I had expected.” 

Comfortable Environment

“Kelly, my therapist, made coming to therapy appointments easy and comfortable.”

My Choice to go to Choice Therapy

“I had heard good things about Choice Therapy. So, when my doctor stated I needed Physical Therapy, I requested to go to Choice Therapy. I was able to get in the very next day for an appointment. I was able to fully recover and get back to doing all the things I enjoy doing in life. I would absolutely recommend Choice Therapy to anyone needing rehab services.”

Giving Health & Hope

Rehab brings back Quality of Life

“3 and a half years ago, our daughter ruptured her Achilles tendon as an 8th grader. Two surgeries, hours of pain, tears, and rehab later, with your help, she is starting to regain her old self!! Know that we are so greatly appreciative to everyone at Choice for the care and efforts put forth to help her in her recovery, especially Jason, Cheri, & Nancy. We are now finally hopeful for a great senior year of swimming, possibly college swimming. But, most importantly, a quality of life without pain or limitations! Thanks so very much!!”

ACL Surgery

“After my reconstructive ACL surgery in November, I had high hopes to make it back on the field for my senior year. I knew it would not be easy. Through hard work and dedication combined with the motivation and help from the whole team at Choice Therapy, nine months later I am performing at the collegiate level once again without losing a step. Thank you Jason.”


-Dusty Sluzewicz

Lymphedema Management

“It was hard for me to hear a cancer diagnosis, but hope returned after it was treated. It was also hard for me to hear a lymphedema diagnosis, especially when I realized lymphedema is a chronic and possibly life-threatening condition. Hope for a normal future seemed elusive. However, hope returned as soon as I met with Cheri Ware, DPT, for manual lymph drainage on my affected leg.

When my leg began to swell, I was fortunate to know another cancer survivor who had received therapy by Cheri. This friend told me that with her breast cancer support group, Cheri was known as the best therapist in our area.

Cheri made room in her busy schedule to see me as soon as possible because lymphedema is best treated early. She fully explained this condition to me and was able to reduce the swelling in my leg with the very first visit. After a number of treatments, my leg was within a few centimeters of its normal size, and Cheri then taught me to care for my leg at home. The therapy has been so successful that I voluntarily meet with Cheri one a year to make sure I’m managing my condition well. It’s been four years since my first visit with Cheri, and my leg is doing extremely well.

Just recently, I’ve decided to have knee surgery on my affected leg. Cheri is the only therapist I will trust to manage my lymphedema before and after surgery. I know I will be in the best hands possible.”

Knee Replacement

“When I first started coming to Choice Therapy, I could not lift my left leg. Now, after a total knee replacement and a tendon repair, and with the help of my therapist (Cheri Ware), I can now lift my leg and walk without pain. Choice Therapy was my choice, make it your choice too.”

Back Pain

“Before I came to Choice Therapy, I had back pain for the last 3 football seasons. But after only a few weeks at Choice Therapy, I’m able to return to football without any problems to my back.”


“Very nice place. Will be here for all my therapy needs.”

Pain Reduction/Increased Flexibility

“Care was professional, thorough, and results were measurable……….reduction of pain & increased flexibility. Staff is caring and sincere.”

Pleasant Experience

“I was extremely happy with my therapy at Choice. Mya was friendly and Cheri made my experience pleasant. Thank you!!”

Friendly Atmosphere

“Very friendly atmosphere (felt like family)- each person was very concerned about my rehab. Needs were met. Highly recommend it to anyone.”

Old Injury

“100% satisfied with my therapy results from a three year old injury. Thanks.”

Friendly & Helpful Staff

“I really enjoyed the whole staff here. They where very friendly and helpful. Thanks Jess and all for helping me through this rehab.”

Physical Therapy

“I’m a true advocate of Physical Therapy, and I tell everyone who may need therapy to go to you.”

Great with Kids

“Andrea is doing a great job with my 3 year old daughter. On her 1st visit, she was very shy. But, with Andrea’s help and patience, my daughter now asks to come to therapy. Thank You!! (very much)”

Recovery was Fun

“This is just a short note to say thank you, especially Holly and Jason, thanks for your time. You made recovery fun! And thanks to all the rest of you who were all so friendly and nice. It was a pleasure to come to Choice Therapy.”