Choice Therapy offers Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services such as:

Joint Pain

Our ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists all have several ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves which can cause pain limiting our activity levels. Many of these aches and pains can be alleviated with Physical or Occupational Therapy. A thorough evaluation by a licensed therapist will allow for an indivualized rehab program to return you to your previous activity level. Whether the injury is old or new, we may be able to help.


Ergonomics is the act of analyzing and adjusting the work task, employee’s technique, and/or the work environment to the worker’s needs to minimize strain placed on the body. This allows for a significant reduction in workplace injuries. Joe Kapaun, OTR, co-owner and practicing therapist, was certified in General Ergonomics from WorkWell Inc. in 2001. Choice Therapy provides on-site ergonomic assessments, as well as on-site ergonomic training to support OSHA requirements.

Injury Prevention

It is universally known that injury prevention is more successful than even the best post-injury care. Choice Therapy is dedicated to helping their patients and members of their community to gain and utilize injury prevention knowledge. Our egonomic and industrial rehabilitation services will significantly reduce workplace injuries. Choice Therapy also offers wellness classes to meet your goals both physically and mentally. These can be customized to your organizational needs. FREE injury consultation sessions by Choice Therapy staff will help you decide the best CHOICE for your individual needs. Identifying an injury early and taking proper care can help you heal faster, decreases the severity of an injury, and will get you back to work and doing the things you enjoy. We would rather avoid injury in life, but if you can’t avoid it, let Choice Therapy help get you back to doing the things you love. Together we will achieve your maximum potential.

Postural Restoration

The basis for postural restoration therapy is to recognize the imbalances and typical patterns associated when an individual overuses one side or one system of the body to the point that other areas become weak and inefficient. When normal imbalances are not regulated by reciprocal function during walking, breathing, or turning, a strong pattern can emerge. This creates structural weakness, instability, and musculo-skeletal pain syndromes. The therapists at Choice Therapy have special training in the postural restoration techniques to return you to normal functioning. Contact us to get a more detailed explanation of what postural restoration can do for you.

Free Injury Consultation

Are you experiencing aches and pains with your daily activities? Physical and Occupational Therapy are excellent options for treatment of these symptoms. Come in for a 15 minute screening to help determine if you are a candidate for treatment. Whether your pain is old or new, we can help. Call us to schedule your free consultation today!

Long Term Care

Choice Therapy is currently partnered with Clearbrook Good Samaritan Society, and Cornerstone Nursing and Rehab Center in providing rehab services for our community members residing in long-term care. Our therapists are highly experienced in treating our geriatric population with an emphasis on independence, creativity, and compassion during the treatment sessions. Contact either facility for more information.

Student Internships and Job Shadowing

We offer job shadowing and student internship opportunities for students that are interested in either Physical or Occupational therapy. Having a certain number of observation hours is a requirement to get into physical or occupational schools and we can easily make this process easier for students. If a student is interested in getting observation hours they can either call our facility and ask for Paula or email to get this process started.

We also allow college students who are interested in performing an internship for Exercise Science. If a student is interested in applying for a student internship they can contact Joe Kaupan at

Post Surgical Care

If you’ve had or are planning on having surgery, Physical & Occupational Therapy can assist you with your road to recovery. Many common surgical procedures include a total knee, total hip, rotator cuff repair, all types of arthroscopic surgeries, hand repairs, and carpal tunnel. We can also help people who have had any type of surgery to get back to their pre-surgical activity levels. We will work with you and your surgeon in developing a customized rehab program to get you back to work, sporting activities, or just daily living. We can also assist people in designing a program prior to surgery to allow you to be as strong as possible heading into the procedure. The stronger and more flexible someone is prior to surgery, the shorter the road to recovery.

Work Injuries

Choice Therapy follows the WorkWell provisions for all industrial rehabilitation services. These services are as follows: pre-placement screenings, job analysis, ADA approved job descriptions, functional capacity evaluations (FCE), ergonomic and safety training. All of our industrial rehabilitation services are available on site or at Choice Therapy. Scheduling is flexible to meet your organinzations needs including consultation and training for night shifts and swing shifts. Joe Kapaun, OTR, has 12 years of experience in the Bemidji area working with numerous companies, and has successfully aided each company to reduce their workers’ compensation costs, along with improving company morale and quality of life for their employees.

Fall Prevention

Falls inside your home and in the community can have drastic effects on the entire family. These falls limit your ability to participate in the community, may produce a disabling and even life-threatening injury, and may even result in long-term placement in an assisted living setting or nursing home. Our team of therapists at Choice Therapy are specifically trained to assist you with reducing or even eliminating falls. We combine all factors involved in a fall: balance, strength, vision, environment, lighting, patient awareness, and several other factors. An individualized plan will be developed with your very own personal needs. Choice Therapy also offers community education through presentations and workshops, specifically designed to educate and prepare people for falls in the future.


Lymphedema is a collection of protein-rich swelling. This usually occurs as a result of removal or radiation of lymph nodes. If this fluid stays in the arms or legs, patients are at a high risk for infections of the skin that can become life-threatening. Lymphedema is a manageable condition, once someone has been instructed on the knowledge of what and what NOT to do. Cheri Ware, DPT at Choice Therapy has been a certified Lymphedema Therapist since 1998. If you or someone you know has lymphedema, contact Choice Therapy with your questions.

Sensory Integration for Children

Typically, children are constantly moving and exploring their environment. Play and interactions are how they learn. Children have an innate drive to take in information from all their senses which helps their brains to develop and learn how to react to their environment. The Sensory Integration (SI) approach is rich in movement, heavy muscle work, touch, and eye-hand-body coordination; areas where many children with SI difficulties have underlying problems.

Speech-Language Pathology Services

Speech-Language Pathologists assess, diagnose, and treat communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Speech and Language deficits may arise from a variety of causes, including but not limited to genetic disorders, developmental delays, neurological deficits, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and hearing loss. Our adult services cover post-stroke rehabilitation, motor speech disorders, dysarthria, apraxia, voice disorders, dysphagia or swallowing difficulties, fluency, cognitive deficits, and traumatic brain injuries. Our pediatric services cover developmental disorders, receptive and expressive language delays, articulation disorders, phonological disorders, autism, apraxia, fluency disorders/stuttering, genetic disorders, feeding and swallowing disorders and social communication deficits. Please contact Choice Therapy with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Choice Therapy-Pediatrics Program

Choice Therapy KIDS is a therapist owned and operated outpatient service started in 2009. Choice Therapy KIDS offers comprehensive and advanced services in Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapy out of their primary clinic in Bemidji and their satellite clinics located in Kelliher, Blackduck, Clearbrook, and Bagley. Our therapists are dedicated to providing children, families, and physicians with the highest quality services available. Choice Therapy KIDS believes that loved ones, families, and/or caregivers are a critical piece in a child’s success in the treatment process. Our GOAL is to address the challenges identified to be the most important to your child and you. Together we will work with you during our sessions and outside of our sessions to exceed your child’s potential.

Balance and Dizziness

Are you experiencing dizziness when lying down or sitting up? This may be a sign of vertigo. Many times, a Therapist specially trained to help people with these symptoms can alleviate the problem in just a couple of sessions. We have the therapists trained in this area to help you. We also have specially trained therapists in balance and fall prevention. These programs involve improving strength, coordination, balance, safety awareness, and environmental precautions. We will design a program specific to your needs to help you now and in the future. So, don’t delay, give us a call to get set up with a therapist specially trained to help you with balance and dizziness issues.

Hand Injuries

Choice Therapy provides innovative treatment and care incorporating your personal choice needs and the specific directions of your physician. The Choice Therapy team has extensive experience in treatment and resolution of hand injuries such as those associated with arthritis, joint replacements, tendon injuries, over-use syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome. We are able to make custom splints to protect a new fracture, maintain ROM, or protect new surgery repairs. Splinting can also at times be used to help heal or prevent injuries to delay or prevent surgical needs. If you are experiencing troubles with your hands, give us a call or come see us, we’ll get you back to using your hands.

Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain symptoms can range in intensity from mild to severe and even debilitating. Causes include trauma, posture, repetitive lifting with poor body mechanics, and occasionally genetics. Poor posture and poor lifting techniques lead to stress and strain on ligaments, muscles, joints, and discs. Other causes of spinal pain include; spinal stenosis, disc herniation, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. The therapists at Choice Therapy have specific training in several different areas of expertise in rehabilitating back and neck complications. We individualize each patient’s treatment, depending on their unique signs and symptoms. We have extensive training in manual techniques to restore proper function of the spine and sacrum. Our treatment sessions will combine these techniques with exercise to maintain the proper mechanics to the spine.

Direct Access

“The ability of a person to see a therapist without a physician’s referral. “
A physical therapist is able to evaluate and treat a patient for up to 60 days without a referral. Some insurance companies are still requiring a referral for payment. It is recommended to contact your insurance company regarding “Direct Access”; or our staff will gladly assist you with this question. Simply contact our clinic and we will set up an evaluation with a physical therapist.

Sports Specific Training Programs

“Hit Harder, Run Faster”
SmartFITT and Choice Therapy offer sports specific training programs for athletes grades 7-12. Small groups of 10-12 athletes are put through a session consisting flexibility, strengthening, core strengthening, plyometrics, and sports specific drills. The focus is on explosiveness, coordination, and short bursts of speed/strength. 4 to 5:1 ratio of athletes to instructor is achieved. This allows for an emphasis on correct form and muscle recruitment. Our instructors consist of exercise physiologists, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and current/former college athletes. Classes usually run 10-15 sessions. Pre and post-tests are performed to show the athletes the improvements that they have made. Contact Choice Therapy or SmartFITT regarding any questions.

Graston Technique

Graston Technique is a form of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization using patented stainless steel instruments. It effectively identifies areas of restriction, and breaks up the scar tissue allowing it to be absorbed by the body. Graston Technique allows for a faster rehab and recovery time, reduces the need for anti-inflammatory medication, and allows patients to continue with everyday activities.

Some common disorders treated with Graston Technique are the following: Achilles Tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cervical Strain, Fibromyalgia, Lateral Epicondylitis, Lumbar Strain, Medial Epicondylitis, Patellofemoral Disorders, Plantar Fasciitis, Rotator Cuff Tendinitis, Scar Tissue, Shin Splints, Trigger Finger, Women’s Health (post-mastectomy and Caesarean scarring).

Bowel and Bladder Health

Issues with incontinence and pelvic pain are difficult to discuss for many people, but can have a great effect on many people’s lives. Did you know that bowel and bladder dysfunction, along with dementia/Alzheimer’s are the top two reasons for nursing home placement of the aging population? Bowel and bladder issues can affect men, women, children, adolescents, pregnant women, and be present with many other diagnoses. Bowel and bladder dysfunction can decrease physical activity, self-esteem, and independence. It can also increase the risk for falls, infections, skin breakdown, and depression. We have staff that can address these issues in a non-invasive manner, via re-education and simple exercise as well as relaxation and quieting techniques. So, don’t suffer any longer with the inconvenience and discomfort of incontinence and related issues. Come see us today!

Women's Health

Low back pain during and shortly after pregnancy is common and usually resolves itself within a few weeks after delivery, however lack of abdominal muscle tone can have lasting effect on the spine and pelvic floor.  The staff at Choice Therapy is knowledgeable with the treatment of pregnant and post partum women.