Postural Training to Reduce Back Pain in Kids

My child has been experiencing back pain while at school. Do you have any suggestions on how I can help my child reduce their pain?

Children may experience back pain that can be caused by several factors with posture being one. Posture is important to address with school-aged children who sit for several hours in a day. It is easy for not only children but people in general to sit in a “slouched” posture for comfort. Unfortunately, this is usually due to weak back and stomach muscles. In order to maintain good posture and therefore reduce pain, one needs to re-train the back muscles through sitting upright and performing strengthening exercises.

Strongly encourage your child to maintain upright posture throughout each day and to wear his/her backpack evenly to disperse the weight carried. This alone may be quite effective in reducing the pain. Also consider consulting a physical therapist for instruction and training of postural strengthening exercises. Posture is a key factor in lifelong strength and support for your child’s back!

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Mandy Hoie – Doctor of Physical Therapy