I would like to thank you for the great treatment I have recieved over the past 2 years. You have done a great job in hiring therapists who do a great job but are patient, friendly, and make you feel at ease. - Tom Nendick
Choice Therapy
I did not know what to expect when I walked into Choice Therapy. I had never had physical therapy before so I really didn’t know what they could do for me, if anything. The facility itself was very welcoming, inviting, and clean. The entire staff makes you feel welcome.After the first meeting, my therapist Paula was able to perfectly decipher the issue and come up with a plan. My entire team - Paula, Brady, and Matt - were able to help me understand my injury and were so helpful to explain the "why" to whatever exercise they were having me do.Because of my team of therapists, I am stronger, have more confidence in my abilities and am able to accomplish tasks that were difficult, if not impossible, prior to coming to Choice Therapy. I am very satisfied with how I was taken care of and made to feel like a priority. I would recommend Choice Therapy to anyone!- Janet H
I chose Choice Therapy for rehab after surgery to remove an intramedullary spinal cord tumor at C1-C2. The physical and occupational therapists at Choice Therapy guided me to a successful recovery.The surgery caused proprioception and balance deficits. When I started working with PT I was cane dependent and had very poor balance. Now I am walking independently. I am back to work part time at the hospital as an RN and am even able to cross country ski, ride a bike and swim.When I started working with OT I could barely use a pen to write or type and couldn't feel what was in my right hand. Now I am writing and typing with ease and can feel objects in my hand.My diagnosis was rare and my recovery was complicated. Choice Therapy was clearly dedicated to my well being and my full recovery. I liked their collaborative approach which meant I worked with a team of therapists. As a result each team member brought their own area of expertise and creative solutions for the challenges of my recovery. I was especially grateful for the ease and flexibility in scheduling appointments. They were available when I needed them.I am a tough critic and I wholeheartedly recommend Choice Therapy. They brought me from disability to living a full life again. -Dawn Standera
Cheri WareDoctor of Physical Therapy
Recommending Choice Therapy - went in with repetitive low back problems. They found the muscles that needed to be strengthened, showed me exercises and worked with me to strengthen them. Graduated today and back feels good and strong. Hopefully no more lower back problems! Had a total of 12 sessions over two months. Thanks Brady! -Susan Shelquist
Brady MillerDoctor of Physical Therapy
I am writing today to recommend the services of Joe Kapaun and Choice Therapy.  For several years now we have used them in areas of pre-employment screenings, quarterly wellness checks, and other special needs situations.We have always found Joe and his staff to be punctual, thorough, and professional in their dealings with our active and potential employees.  Their willingness to learn and understand our business needs has made them a valuable partner for us in managing the occupational health needs of our employees.  By developing relationships with the workforce, Joe and his staff have been able to build trust through listening and provide guidance and support as needed.Joe’s leadership in assisting us with functional job capacity descriptions, pre-employment screening metrics, ergonomic assessments, layout of new plant equipment to better facilitate the operators, etc. has been one of the key reasons we have driven down our work comp costs and absenteeism for work-related injuries.Joe and his staff are highly skilled and have consistently demonstrated a positive attitude when approaching our needs.  Given our experiences with Choice Therapy, we have no hesitation in recommending them for your consideration.Mark Kiser, TEAM-DLHR & Safety Manager

testimonial picture-Amber NickersonAt the beginning of June, I had a stroke. I was referred to Choice Therapy for my short term memory loss. I started seeing Amber on July 7th. My memory at that time was very weak to say the least. After a few visits with Amber, my progress was improving and I felt comfortable making decisions on my own, paying the bills, and balancing my checkbook. I am so happy that Amber and Choice Therapy was there for me.

Amber NickersonSpeech Therapist

IMG_4602I had amazing results previously, so I chose Choice Therapy when I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis.  I limped badly because of pain, and also had sleep disruption.  Therapist Paula knows her job and quickly had me on the road to doing better.  I tell Paula she's a miracle worker.  I highly recommend Choice Therapy!

Paula VigenDoctor of Physical Therapy

Testimonial picture-Cheri-pt-C DainsbergChoice Therapy is my best choice for Physical Therapy care.

One of my  latest health issues, has been crippling pain in my mid/upper back, due to several factors, including a MVA years ago, and fighting Late Stage Neurological Lyme (which left me mostly bed ridden for many months)…  Not only did I want help with addressing the pain I was experiencing, but- with a new grandbaby coming, I also needed to recover/strengthen muscles I had lost, so that I could enjoy holding my new grandbaby.   I appreciate that the staff at Choice Therapy has a wide knowledge base, as well as wide skills base, from which to best personalize their therapeutic approach to your particular needs. The myofascial release techniques have been particularly helpful in my case.  The therapists work well together as a team to help you get optimal results. The office staff is considerate about working with you to schedule appointments, and I appreciate the text message appointment reminder system.

If you are experiencing chronic pain issues, and you are tired of reaching for another analgesic, you may want to reach for the phone and call Choice Therapy for an evaluation.

Cheri WareDoctor of Physical Therapy

My therapist Nancy Weber seems to make me a priority when I have difficulties and will work to find a way to see me ASAP.

Nancy WeberPhysical Therapist