Kelliher Customer Appreciation Day

About 50 community members enjoyed good company and a variety of appetizers at the Old School Center in Kelliher on Tuesday, January 31st.

The event’s sponsors, Choice Therapy, Kelliher Thrift and Gift, Kelliher Sanford Clinic, and the Old School janitorial staff, worked together to put on the event as a way of thanking Kelliher-area residents for supporting the businesses and services housed there. A wide variety of appetizers were served, including flatbread vegetable pizza, mini meatballs, and assorted meats and cheeses with crackers. Desserts included peanut bars and Special K bars. Coffee and punch was also served.



Located in downtown Kelliher, the Old School Center prides itself on being a valuable community resource. In addition to the business listed above, it has a fitness center, community library, and a gym with a variety of exercise equipment.



Choice Therapy has been a tenant of the Old School Center since 2013 and offers Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy to Kelliher-area residents who appreciate the convenience of being seen in their own backyard.