2 Months

  • Promote looking at faces
  • Promote turning toward sounds
  • Lay baby on tummy and lay next to your baby promote baby to lift head
  • Show your baby black and white pictures and move pictures to follow

4 Months

  • Hold toys out for baby to reach and bat or grasp
  • Move objects in front of baby slowly for baby to track with their eyes
  • Place baby on tummy to encourage baby to lift head or push up on arms
  • Lay baby on side and encourage to roll to back or stomach through reaching for a toy
  • Carry your baby around facing outward increases head control and trunk strength

6 Months

  • Place child in front of a mirror and promote making faces and smiling
  • Give child rattle or toy in each hand and encourage item explore to mouth
  • Place item in one hand and promote baby to pass to other hand
  • Sit behind child and place your hands on sides promotes sitting skills
  • Bounce with your baby through their legs
  • Rock your baby on all fours (crawl position)

9 Months

  • Point at pictures in books or in room and encourage your child to do the same
  • Play peek a boo or “so big”
  • Place small pieces of cereal on tray for child to practice picking up
  • Prop child at coach or coffee table to practice stance
  • Sit on floor and promote child to crawl over things such as your legs

12 Months

  • Promote your child to turn pages in a book
  • Promote they help to dress – pushes arms and legs through the holes in their clothes
  • Play patty cake and peek a boo
  • Hide objects and have child look for them
  • Promote child to drink from a cup
  • Encourage child to point and poke with index finger at things
  • Hold your child’s hand and help them to take steps

18 Months

  • Encourage pointing to body parts on self or others
  • Scribble with crayons, chalk, paint brush with water
  • Encourage walking and pulling and toy
  • Encourage dressing and undressing attempts on own
  • Encourage use of utensils at snacks or easy meals

2 Years

  • Read books and point to objects in books
  • Build towers out of blocks, cereal, boxes, pillows
  • Promote child to help carry items and put them away such as clean clothes or shoes in closet
  • Promote child to tip toe can help turn lights on or off
  • Promote fast walking and start of running
  • Promote rolling, throwing and kicking a ball can start with a balloon
  • Imitate lines and circles out of cool whip, pudding, any food items, crayons, markers

3 Years

  • Promote own dress and undress
  • Attempt buttons and zippers
  • Work on simple puzzles only 3-4 pieces
  • Imitate simple circle shapes
  • Build towers and imitate simple shapes of another
  • Promote climbing and swinging and riding a tricycle
  • Work on walking up and down stairs place desired object at top

4 Years

  • Promote to start to draw a person use fun items such as noodles, shaving cream, sand
  • Explore with scissors cut straws, tissue, playdough, food
  • Copy letters and shapes
  • Promote hopping and galloping hop to different colored socks on floor.
  • Promote standing on one foot for up to 3 seconds play games to encourage participation such as sanding on couch cushions or chalk lines or masking tape

5 Years

  • Sing, dance and encourage creative play
  • Encourage draw of person
  • Print name and letters and numbers use fun media
  • Copy more shapes such as a triangle and square
  • Work on skipping, jumping jacks,
  • Somersault use a bean bag to tuck under child’s chin for safety
  • Promote standing on one foot longer