Acute back pain comes from a variety of causes and can be helped in the early stages with a few simple guidelines.  First of all, apply ice packs to your back at least 3 times per day for 15 minutes each time.  Walk, walk, and walk.  This improves blood flow to your back and aides with the healing process. All exercises should decrease pain or at least not increase pain.   Try these tips below and if you are not better in a day or two, call Choice Therapy for a free 15 min screen:

If your back hurts more to stand than sit in general your body is telling you to do flexion type of exercises.  These include single knee to chest and lower trunk rotation. (See Common Stretches for Back Pain to learn how to do these exercises)

If your back hurts more to sit than stand, in general, your body is telling you to do extension exercises.  These include prone on elbows and prone props.

Prone on Elbows

Lying on your stomach gently try to come up on your elbows allowing your back to “sag”.  If this is easy and not painful try putting hands on the floor and straighten your elbows while keeping hips on the floor. (For visual of prone on elbows refer to our PDF here.)