Happy Retirement, Mya!

Mya is retiring and Choice Therapy will never be the same. 

Mya was Jason, Cheri and Joe’s first hire.  She actually started working with us before we opened our doors for business back in 2009.  She has not only seen us grow she has been a vital part at each corner we have faced to help keep this company moving forward. 

Mya has helped to develop our positive culture at Choice Therapy and has carried that message as we have seen the company grow to over 80 employees. 

Mya has always served as a source of support and ideas to the owners of the company. Mya is the symbol of what Choice Therapy stands for in the communities that we serve.  

We will never be able to replace all that Mya knows about Choice Therapy or all the skills that she has, for Choice Therapy there is only one Mya and we will miss her Dearly.

– Jason and Joe