Get back to your daily life after a shoulder injury with Occupational Therapy

Have you been experiencing pain after a recent shoulder injury? Occupational therapy can assist in recovery from a shoulder injury and get you back to your everyday life.

On your initial appointment, we will assess your range of motion, strength, and functional movement patterns to determine the type of injury you sustained. Most often shoulder injuries stem from strains, overuse, or trauma and can involve various tendons, ligaments, or muscle groups. We can help determine the specific structures involved and provide you with a personalized program to get you back to using your arm in daily activities. We will use various forms of pain management techniques, stretches, strengthening exercises, and simulated daily tasks to get your back to full functioning. Since the shoulder is the most complex and utilized body part we have, we emphasis proper body mechanics and posture in order to increase the use of your arm but also more importantly decrease the likelihood of future injury. Schedule a free screening with Choice Therapy today and your therapist will help you determine the appropriate program for you!

Marlee Westrum – Occupational Therapist