Dawn Standera – Patient Testimonial

I chose Choice Therapy for rehab after surgery to remove an intramedullary spinal cord tumor at C1-C2. The physical and occupational therapists at Choice Therapy guided me to a successful recovery.

The surgery caused proprioception and balance deficits. When I started working with PT I was cane dependent and had very poor balance. Now I am walking independently. I am back to work part time at the hospital as an RN and am even able to cross country ski, ride a bike and swim.

When I started working with OT I could barely use a pen to write or type and couldn’t feel what was in my right hand. Now I am writing and typing with ease and can feel objects in my hand.

My diagnosis was rare and my recovery was complicated. Choice Therapy was clearly dedicated to my well being and my full recovery. I liked their collaborative approach which meant I worked with a team of therapists. As a result each team member brought their own area of expertise and creative solutions for the challenges of my recovery. I was especially grateful for the ease and flexibility in scheduling appointments. They were available when I needed them.

I am a tough critic and I wholeheartedly recommend Choice Therapy. They brought me from disability to living a full life again.